AGILE  For Successful SEO

SEO Integration Using AGILE Methodology

Coming up with SEO tasks that need to be accomplished by an engineering staff is simple enough. However, how does that translate into proper user story creation that can be easily digested by developers.

AGILE software development is the most effective way to iteratively expand your online products smartly and effectively. That being said, when bringing on an SEO consulting arm to your team, are they ready to fit into the process on day one? Is your current SEO team working directly with product ownership to rapidly define all ranking aspects to every development module of your website?

If not, your company is not taking advantage of the possibilities of SEO modeling and testing prior to launch of code branches. Without direct integration into the AGILE process, your product development will be slowed down and/or reworked on a regular basis.

Reflexive Media has endless experience integrating with product and development teams by creating engineering friendly user stories with the technical detail necessary to succeed. QA test points, required unit testing views and technical documentation are part of or core values.

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