Magento SEO Superiority 

Proper Magento SEO is No Simple Task

Ask any Magento engineer what they think of the backend and closed source framework. They will tell you it is over built and very complex. Because Magento is one of the first SaaS E-commerce platforms, its backend was not built for speed, agility or SEO compliance. Building a proper SEO strategy for E-commerce is complicated enough. Building a content calendar for a rigid, non-compliant system makes those challenges amplified.

No matter which platform your business is using: Magento CE, Magento 2.0 or Magento Open Source, you are going to need a sophisticated technical staff that has the experience to complete the necessary modifications to the platform for SEO success moving forward.

Reflexive Media has that expertise and know how that can maximize your product and categorization rankings that drives your sales channels. Contact us now for a platform assessment and possible engagement.

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