Shopify Built for SEO

Shopify Built for SEO Success

Anyone currently working with Shopify stores, or looking to transition to the platform, knows that it has its challenges. The inflexibility of Shopify collections, the strange tagging restrictions along with a whole new programming language to learn can create frustration amongst even the skilled SEO specialist.

Other frustrations exist is the Shopify E-Commerce platform such as:

  • Complications of adding/modifying image ALT tags.
  • SEO’s cannot set even the simplest of URL structures.
  • No access to robots.txt.
  • A very weak knowledge base that is consistently out of date.

At Reflexive Media, we have an extensive experience in tackling these challenges and creating a superior SEO framework for the Shopify platform. We can customize your Shopify Theme to be streamlined to increase your rankings and indexability of your digital presence. For any of your technical E-commerce needs, please contact us:


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