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Ecommerce SEO Analysis

Our team will analyze the internal linking structure of your ecommerce website to ensure that all pages are easily discoverable by search engines and users. This includes identifying broken links, correcting link hierarchies, and updating links to relevant pages.

  1. Identify broken links
  2. Correct link hierarchies
  3. Update links to relevant pages

Ecommerce Taxonomy and Breadcrumb

Proper taxonomy and breadcrumb implementation are crucial for ecommerce websites. We will organize your website’s categories and products into logical hierarchies, and implement breadcrumbs to improve navigation and make it easier for search engines to understand the structure of your website.

  1. Organize categories and products into logical hierarchies
  2. Implement breadcrumbs
  3. Test breadcrumbs for accuracy

Unique Content on Category Pages

Having unique, high-quality content on your category pages is essential for both search engine optimization and user experience. Our team will research and create unique descriptions for your main category pages, helping them to rank higher in search results and providing value to users.

  1. Research industry-specific terminology and language
  2. Write unique, high-quality content for main category pages
  3. Optimize content for target keywords

Why Choose Reflexive for Your Ecommerce Optimization Needs?

Reflexive has worked with many types of ecommerce sites, including sellers who carry a handful of products to large vendors with complicated category and subcategory taxonomies. We use data-driven strategies and innovative technology to boost SEO performance of product pages, category pages and entire ecommerce sites. Ask us about our edge publishing services for Shopify.

Reflexive SEO Services

Boost your online presence and search engine rankings with the expertise of Reflexive. Our services include:

Keyword Research

Technical SEO Services

Lead Generation SEO

Technical Content Audit

Content Development

Blog Management

SEO Strategy

Off-Page Authority Building

Ecommerce SEO

Local SEO

Paid Search

Holistic SEO


Backed by Superior Technology

With Audience Key, you can easily track the performance of your ecommerce website and make data-driven decisions to improve your SEO. Our all-in-one platform allows you to monitor your rankings, track your competitors, and identify new opportunities for growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions about our ecommerce optimization services:

What ecommerce platforms does Reflexive support?

Reflexive’s SEO ecommerce experts work with primarily with Shopify and Woocommerce. Ask us about other platforms during our getting-to-know-you call.

How long will it take to see results from ecommerce SEO?

The time it takes to see results from ecommerce optimization efforts will depend on the current state of your website and the competitiveness of your industry. However, our team will work with you to develop a customized plan and set realistic goals for success.

Do I need to make changes to my website’s design for ecommerce optimization?

In some cases, changes to your website’s design may be necessary in order to improve the user experience and make it easier for search engines to crawl and index your pages. Our team can work with you to identify any necessary design changes.

Can you help me to optimize my product pages as well as my category pages?

Yes, optimizing product pages is an important part of ecommerce SEO. Our team can help you to optimize your product pages for target keywords, improve the user experience, and increase conversions. This includes creating unique product descriptions, optimizing product images and videos, and implementing structured data for product pages.


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